We are proud to announce that Pelican Elementary is a Kagan Structure school. Kagan has designed hundreds of ways to structure the classroom so that all students are highly engaged and individually accountable to think and learn about the concepts being taught. Traditional classroom teaching captures the minds and attention of some students, but not all. Good teachers engage more students… Kagan Structures engage every student. These “Structures” are also designed to incorporate positive working relationships among students. “The more they interact with their peers and with the curriculum, the more they'll learn. Kagan Structures require every student to participate frequently and approximately equally.” It is amazing to see our students actively engaged in learning all subject areas through Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures.

We have a specific plan at Pelican Elementary to teach multiple Structures at each grade level so that students and teachers build the number of Structures they know and can easily use. Our teachers have received extensive training, and teachers are “coached” in their classrooms using Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures by school administrators and National Kagan Trainers throughout year.

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