Bus Stop Safety Tips

Bus Stop Safety Tips
Bus Stop

Here are some tips and information on how to stay safe while waiting for the bus and on the bus ride!

While waiting at the bus stop:

• Make sure you are at least three giant steps or SIX FEET away from the street while waiting for your bus.

• Never stand or sit near the street while waiting at your stop. Bus stops are not places to run or play.

• Wear high visibility clothing such as yellow, orange, or white. This will help drivers more easily see you at your bus stop.

•Pay attention to your surroundings. Put down the phone and take your earbuds out so you can see and hear what is going on around you.

•Ask a trusted adult (parent, grandparent, friend) that has not visited your bust stop in a while to come one morning or afternoon, and have them introduce themselves to your driver to show them how you stay safe while waiting for the bus!

• If you drop something and it goes underneath the bus DO NOT  try and get it yourself. You should never go underneath the bus for any reason, tell the bus driver and he or she will help you.

• Never walk behind the school bus. If you have to walk in front of the bus, make sure you are at least five giant steps, or 10 feet in front so the bus driver can see you.

• Wait until the bus has stopped and the doors are open before approaching the bus.

• Never talk to strangers at the bus stop. Always alert your bus driver as soon as possible if a stranger tries to talk to you or pick you up.

While on the bus:

• Do not speak loudly or make loud noises that could distract your driver

• Always buckle up!

• Remain in your seat for the entire ride and keep the aisle clear!