Request a Car Tag

Request A Car Tag

Request a Parent Pickup Car Tag
If you are planning to pick up your student/s from the school at dismissal you will need a Parent Pickup Car Tag. To request one for the new school year please send an email with your student's full name and grade level. Only people listed on the student's emergency contact form will be permitted to pick them up. Please make sure you bring your photo ID. 

Car tags for parent pick-up and walker/biker students will hang on the rearview mirror of the car. Due to the cost of these tags, the first tag for the student's primary address will be at no cost. Any additional car tags will be $3 each. We encourage parents to continue to use this site to request a car tag, however, if the tag is a duplicate the parent will be contacted to come to the office with payment in order to receive the new/additional car tag.

EMAIL with: Parent Pickup Car Tag Request in the subject line to SueJCo@LeeSchools.Net
Tags will be available for pickup beginning July 23rd.