Technology is becoming more and more of an integral part of our curriculum. 
Students take Accelerated Reading (AR) tests, write and print their own stories, practice math and reading skills, and increase their computer  competency. To further explore the wonders of technology, students are engaged in projects utilizing programs such as PowerPoint, SlideRocket,  Moviemaker, and more. Once we receive parent permission, students are  allowed, under direct adult supervision, to use the web as an information resource for their reports.
Every K - 5th grade class at Pelican Elementary is equipped with Dell computers. Each classroom has a teacher computer with an LCD projector with document camera. Classes are also equipped with an interactive whiteboard system called Smart. This provides teachers with the  opportunity for whole class participation in a computer activity. We have four computer labs and the Media Center. The labs are used mostly by the primary grades for creative writing and publishing and AR testing. The other labs are primarily used by the intermediate grades for Internet research, Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint, Publisher and Word, and for working on their math skills using Accelerated Math and Fastt Math. Teachers use classroom computers to help engage students in higher levels of thinking as well as build basic skills.
Pelican recently added a mobile lab for EACH grade level. This mobile lab travels “room to room” to bring the  technology to the students! When using the mobile lab, each student will have their very own laptop computer to work on!
Studies have shown that the proper use of technology in the classroom, aides in keeping the students attentive and helps with active learning. Students who are paying attention and are actively thinking about the lesson are much more likely to retain the information and be able to recall it in the future. Thusly, this will aid them in comprehension and problem solving for years to come. By building an early knowledge of computer skills, they will be better prepared for middle and high school, and eventually the work place of the future.